I worked as an accounts manager for a local manufacturing business. Late on a Friday afternoon, I received an email which appeared to be from one of my regular suppliers, Mr Lee from Zang-Fei Industries, A ball bearings supplier in Asia. Mr Lee’s email explained that due to a change in their internal finance system, he needed me to update their banking details, including a new account number.

I took the email at face value and changed the banking information in his company’s database. A few days later, I made a scheduled payment to Zhang-Fei Industries for $18500.

Two weeks later the ball bearings from Zheng Fei industries had not arrived so I telephoned Mr Lee. Mr Lee said he hadn’t received payment for the last order and had consequently cancelled shipment. I told Mr Lee that I had processed the payment personally to make sure it was paid according to the new arrangements. After some investigation it became clear that Mr Lee had not sent any request to update his company’s banking details and that I had fallen victim to a scam.

In the weeks to come, with the initial loss of $17 000, the delay in supply flowing from missed orders and broken contractual obligations, My company estimated their loss to be over $30 000. i was in a real pickle.. I tried everything i could but no luck came my way until i discovered Financial Spring Recovery. they literally swooped in, recovered and saved me financially..i always recommend them when it comes to legal matters

Richard Ward

to be honest i never thought i had a chance in heaven/hell to get my Money back, But you guys proved me wrong and i am very glad about that.

My story is about a scammer i met online. he sai his name was David, he found me on Instagram. When we first started talking, I tried to get rid of him quickly, it’s what I usually do when men try to talk to me online. I tell them I’m in a relationship and nothing can come of it but if they want to chat as friends from time to time then that’s okay, and it usually does the trick, and I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

But not David, he kept pursuing me. And eventually, I weakened. He told me how beautiful I was, and that he wanted to meet me someday. Basically everything I’ve never heard any man in my life tell me. At the time my man and I were going through a rough patch, we didn’t know if we were going to stay together, so yeah I was vulnerable. We would chat everyday, I even set my notifications sound for the app we used to a certain ringtone so I knew when it was him.

Everything was going fine our chats were innocent and romantic and yes I fell for him. But from time to time I did notice inconsistencies In the things he was saying or he’d say he told me something when I knew he didn’t. But I just let it slide, because I really wanted to believe that this big beautiful man wanted me.

David told me he was  a soldier that he had relocated from Germany to Texas.  He said he was on a peace keeping mission In Kabul Afghanistan. He would tell me he was in the command room or the communications room all alone, and so he could talk to me.  Then he told me their general was coming and they were having a rewards ceremony for which he got a substantial reward. And I congratulated him. I was pleased that him and his kids would be well taken care of because of it.

Everything was going well and as I said earlier our relationship was very romantic until one day out of the blue it turned sexual, he started to ask me to send pics of myself and promised to keep them for his own private use. At first I sent ones of myself in my PJs, done up in high heels make up and mini dresses or lingerie but I made sure I was covered up. But he wanted nude ones, he sent me a pic of his…. At least I thought it was his cause the dude was wearing army pants and boots ? I told him I didn’t feel comfortable about full nude but I agreed to do semi nudes(what a fool i was).

When I was ready. As you can guess I sent him my face and my breasts? after that things ressumed as normal and he would even call me and I would call him, I remember now thinking the first time I heard his voice that he sounded black but I brushed it off, he even tried to video call me but said his system wasn’t working that’s why I couldn’t see him.

I figured it because he was In the military and it was for security reasons. Suddenly one-day he called me sobbing and crying telling me that his Nanny Kathryn called to tell him that his son Tristan had been rushed to hospital, I spent all day from calls to chats consoling him until he found out what was wrong with Tristan. The diagnosis was cancer. That’s when it all went down hill.

He was desperately trying to find a way to get money to pay his son’s medical bill but what he said he wanted to do made no sense to me, at first he said that his Nanny said she only had $3500 left of the money he gave her when he left for deployment and needed another $10000 and could I help him out, he said he would pay me back as soon as he got home which is in May, I said I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have that kind of money, so he asked me for $300 for iTunes cards so he could access his bank account and he would transfer 19k into my bank account and then I was to take the money for his son’s bill out and he would tell me what to do with the rest (even though I said that i would help him out, it didn’t feel right so I delayed it as much as I could so I would be able to research what he told me)he said a colleague told him that’s what he did, i still didn’t buy it and I continued to research and not give him anything. but after a while our calls got sad and very dry. he wasn’t as responsive as before. then one day he called to tell me that he would post all my nudes on facebook unless i transferred 20k to him. he kept threatning me saying all sorts of things about me, disclosing personal information about me and how was going to use it against me unless i play along,i eventually did it when i saw that he had discovered my achillies heel. he kept threatening me until my account went into the redzone. he eventually left me alone(radio silenced) when he knew he could no longer exploit me.

Kate Ferguson

I am a consultant who lives in the UK. i invested in shares for many years, own my own home, and is in KiwiSaver. Recently, I lost $67,000 through a ‘boiler room’ share scam after an overseas company called me, offering me the chance to invest in a pharmaceutical firm.
I said no, but out of interest,I researched the company online and the shares offered.

Their website looked legitimate. And at the time, they did not feature on the FMA’s warning lists and weren’t linked to any scams.

One week later, they called me again. So this time, I decided to invest $8,000.

The online trading account opened for me showed the value of my shares was rising. So over the next few weeks, I invested another $59,000.

I became suspicious when the company told me the shares had been sold, and I would receive funds the following week but I never received any money.

When I Googled the company’s phone number, I found the company’s name listed with references to a potential scam. Over the following months, online forums showed commentaries about the company and warnings were published on regulators’ websites overseas.

The company continued to hassle me telling me I needed to pay $21,000 to get my money released. i hadn’t paid this so i continued to receive up to 6 unsolicited calls a day- which i always ignored.

I had to do something about the money i was scammed of so i tried searching on the internet for organisations that offered recovery services for Scammed victims but what i saw wasnt convincing until someone directed me to Financial Spring Recovery and thanks to them i got up to 95% of my money back.. this guys really know what they are doing.. i always recommend them now

Donald Miller

Thanks to Financial Spring Recovery, my financial life is fully back on track. i was so scared that i was gonna not gonna be able to recover but their recovery firm really helped with my recovery.

I work full-time and live in the Bay of Plenty. I am married with children, own a house, I don’t really consider myself an experienced investor.

I clicked an ad on a Yahoo! news article and watched slick videos about how i could ‘make easy money from home’. I decided to give it a go, so I called the company in the video and made an initial payment of US$3000. The call centre was based in Scotland, so I felt confident my money was safe. My so called ‘broker’ said he would call every two days to help me trade better.

After a few weeks, I was asked to invest US$5,000 to get ‘bonus payments’. I went ahead with this second investment, but later felt uneasy and asked to pull out of the trade. This is when things got really ugly.

The broker became very passive-aggressive, telling me i couldn’t have my deposit back because I hadn’t reached the required volume of trades and bonuses.

I asked the broker not to contact me again, but he kept calling – usually very late at night. Eventually, I threatened to call the police and blocked the broker’s number.

Since then, I had received cold calls from other similar companies. I had not had any money returned to me since i started Trading.

Well, i learned my lesson from the whole thing andFinancial Spring Recovery gave me great advices about how to avoid such cheaters and i thank them greatly for it.

Eugenia Anderson

Thanks to Financial Spring Recovery, all my stupidly lost funds were recovered, i am all good. if i didn’t encounter them, who knows where i would be.

I received a letter which claimed to be from a lawyer in Portugal The letter seemed professional with a fancy letterhead and used legal jargon to explain a very interesting proposal. The letter offered Me a share in a large inheritance which was left behind by the lawyer’s late client.

This client apparently had no immediate family in Portugal and couldn’t find a legitimate relative of the deceased in Europe. The lawyer devised a scheme in which he would claim that I am a distant relative and is entitled to the fortune since he shared a unique surname with his late client. In this way I and the lawyer could split the inheritance between them. I always knew my surname was uncommon and the letter seemed to come from Portugal since the envelope had a Portuguese stamp on it.

Hoping I had come across a once in a lifetime opportunity, I contacted the lawyer to find out more and was soon convinced the scheme could work. The lawyer explained that in order to get the ball rolling, I would need to pay a few fees and taxes.

I paid the fees, but then more payments were requested. They seemed to come one after another but each time I was assured I was closer and closer to receiving My share of millions of Euros. Every time I paid one tax, the lawyer would discover that some bank policy or quirk of local laws required another fee to be paid. At each step of the way, the lawyer claimed he was putting in his fair share to pay these taxes and had invested a lot of his own money.

After spending over $30 000, it became clear the requests for money and the excuses for not yet receiving his share of the inheritance were not going to end. I lost all his savings trying to gain an inheritance which never existed.

Never send money or give personal information to anyone you don’t know or trust. Seek advice from an independent professional or a recovery organisation Such as Financial Spring Recovery

Antoine S. Sublett

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